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Releasit Encapsulation Carpet Detergents

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With the Releasit system
water consumption is
drastically reduced,
there's no waste water,
and the cleaning agents
are safe for the environment.

Releasit encapsulation shampoos are safe for the environment
All of the Releasit shampoos are biodegradable and non-hazardous to the environment. Ruining the earth should not be a side-effect of carpet cleaning. In addition to Releasit's "environmentally safe" products, if a "green certification" is specifically required for a particular account, Releasit also offers an encapsulation detergent that carries the EPA's environmental certification...
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Releasit protects the environment and conserves natural resources
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Releasit Bio-Encap has received the EPA's DfE certification

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Releasit Bio-Encap has been "certified" by the EPA's DfE (Design For the Environment) program
That means each raw ingredient has been individually selected to comply with the EPA's stringent requirements for environmental impact. The formulation is also evaluated to confirm that all of the raw ingredients are suitable to work safely in relation with one other. And lastly, the EPA looks at the impact that the product will have as it's used in its intended application. So when a product bears the DfE seal, it's no a small matter. It means the product is SAFE for the environment.

Bio-Encap combines the powerful encapsulation cleaning performance that you expect from Releasit with "green" certification. Many products on the market these days call themselves "green", some even have the word "green" in the product's name. But without certification, there isn't any validation that the product is in fact safe for the environment.

But what good is a "green" product if it doesn't work? Well with Bio-Encap, that's not a concern. Bio-Encap has proven that it can stand its ground against any full strength encapsulation product on the market. That's why Bio-Encap bears the appropriate slogan… "Green Doesn't Have To Be Wimpy!".
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Releasit endorses environmentally sound cleaning practices.